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Come Shine With Me
& Create A New Way of Being Within You

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Safe to Shine Healing

Take a journey back home to your heart with me!

Safe to Shine healing is a bespoke healing process that explores your inner and outer world utilizing holistic mental wellness coaching and a variety of healing modalities that attend to your mind, body & soul to create shifts in your inner-self states. I serve your souls needs through my unique skillset as a Holistic Psychotherapist, Master-Instructor level Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner,  Lightbringer Coach & Healer, Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Level 1 Practitioner. Through the wisdom & artistry of these studies, as well as my own personal healing journey, I have cultivated a capacity to hold space for your sacred process while gently guiding you back to your heart-centered, authentic self in a non-judgmental and safe space. I utilize a relational, integrative and intuitive approach that attends to you energetically as a whole person: your mind, body and soul. I work with the 4 layers of the human energy field: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. 

These sessions are typically utilized longer term to support, guide & mentor your well being. Therefore, I have created several packages to suit your current needs. Safe to shine healing is NOT therapy. I want this to be crystal clear. In these sessions I work as a mental wellness coach & energy healer. You will NOT receive a diagnosis from me. However, as a licensed therapist, I am able to understand any diagnoses you have been given by your therapist & choose to share, if you feel these may be helpful to us in understanding how you perceive your life & your experiences. In this capacity I am a huge asset to you! However, you are not required to share these with me. Additionally, I also want to be clear that it is my belief that you are not your diagnosis. Diagnoses provide a framework for conceptualizing treatment from a western medical perspective. While I believe they are helpful in this capacity, I believe they don't capture the spiritual or energetic essence of mental health. I emphasize a mental wellness mindset over mental illness mindset- what we focus on expands in our lives. I choose to focus on wellness. I believe healing happens with presence & intention and occurs at the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual levels of self. I am well equipped to support you in each of these areas.

Your desire to change and heal is necessary as I am only able to guide you towards that which you are ready for. I will share tools and surround you with my supportive empathic energy, but it is you who must be willing to change & (outside of the session) do the work of sustaining change.  

During the session we will begin with a brief grounding meditation to open up the safe space for energetic healing to take place. We will talk to identify current challenges and areas you wish to focus on healing and shifting. We will process & shift/clear/alchemize thoughts and emotions that arise through talking as well as a variety of healing modalities including but not limited to: IET, mindfulness, mindset, relaxation and self-soothing, LightWeb® tools & self-empowering strategies for mind/body/soul. Sessions will end with a closing of the energetic space to allow for self-integration from the session. 

A Month for Magnificent You supports you in better understanding yourself and begins the process of reconnecting you with your authentic self, the self that is hidden and dimmed by layers of trauma or conditioning by first learning to see her again. 

Three Month Renewal deepens your understanding of yourself, how your life has led you to this point in time and shows you a new source-aligned path. You will remember your lovely authentic self, the self that is hidden & dimmed by layers of trauma or conditioning and learn ways to connect with her & embody this connection.

Six Month Transformational Journey deepens your understanding of yourself, how your life has led you to this point in time, and walks with you on a new source-aligned path. You will reconnect with your authentic self, the self that is hidden & dimmed by layers of trauma or conditioning, and learn how to embody this vital connection.

If you would like to book any Safe to Shine journey with me, please book a FREE connection call first. Let's make sure our connection is aligned & feels right before committing to your sacred inner healing. Feeling seen & safe is crucial to this process. I'll answer your questions and share how I can best serve you. 

Please book a FREE connection call (here) prior to purchasing a package with me. 

1 month Safe to Shine-A Month for Magnificent You

3 month Safe to Shine-Renewal

6 month Safe to Shine-Transformational Journey

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Lightweb® Coaching & Healing

Lightweb® Coaching and Healing utilizes the soul-based ascension technology of the LightWeb®. It is based on the premise that all energy is either source aligned (love) or void aligned (fear). This practice delves into the source and void connections (beliefs, stories) within us to shift our energetic vibration into a higher frequency to expand & elevate our consciousness, so that we experience greater peace, ease and miracles in the life we are living.  

The Lightweb® coaching/healing sessions allow us to focus on a discreet topic, issue or emotion of your choosing. Together we will dive into the heart of how it is disempowering you & clear/shift/alchemize it to realign your relationship with this energy to your empowered self.  

In this interactive 60 minute session we will bring to light the root of the energy pattern keeping you stuck in a disempowered state utilizing the power of Lightweb® technology and Lightweb® spiritual tools. Once the energy pattern has been identified & cleared, the energy vibration in this area will shift into alignment with your empowered self. We are able to work with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies in this life and past lives. The call begins with a discussion of the issue. I will then track the energy of this issue and determine if Lightweb® coaching or healing is better suited for its clearing.


You can purchase a Lightweb® coaching/healing session here​: 

(A connection call is not required prior to booking Lightbringer sessions)

It is important to note that all healing happens in layers. We will heal the layer that is ready for healing now. In time, additional layer(s) may arise for healing as new ways of thinking & meaning making are accessed by your evolving & expanding consciousness. This is the beauty of spiritual healing. It is a never ending process of expanding awareness & consciousness. 

I am currently offering Lightweb® coaching/healing sessions as a standalone session. If, after your session, we feel that another session would benefit you, we will make arrangements for that. Lightweb® coaching/healing packages are also available after completing a Lightweb® coaching/healing session. 

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Heart Harmonizers Free Group

This is a community for sharing soul truths spiritedly, empowering ourselves exuberantly, dreaming deliberately, speaking sincerely and shining steadfastly. Come & connect with like-hearted souls. Be inspired and be inspiring. Be authentically you. Shift from shame to SHINE. Please join us in this free Facebook group.
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Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

1:1 60 minute remote Integrated Energy Therapy Session

Integrated Energy Therapy uses a focused healing energy, the violet angelic energy ray, to clear energy blocks that have accumulated in the body and are now hindering the natural flow of energy (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually). Through the releasing of these blocks we will begin to feel more self-empowered, spiritually connected and able to move through life easily. 

As a Master-Instructor IET practitioner I am able to clear energy blocks resulting from physical trauma, emotional trauma, limiting beliefs and past-life trauma as well as align & work with the 12 strand Spiritual DNA.  

The energy clearing & balancing processes are self-regulating and are ultimately controlled by your energy; I am the channel for the integrated energy from the angels who are working with you. Energy work always meets you where you are; I cannot support you in clearing something you are not ready to clear, so rest assured that this will be a safe & favorable experience.

What is IET exactly? IET is considered the next generation energy therapy system that gets the "issues out of your tissues" for good! It was developed by Stevan Thayer, founder of The Center of Being in Woodstock, NY and White Light Reiki Master.  The IET approach is similar to Eastern medical approaches, such as reiki, in that it works with the electromagnetic energy field of the body. The energy within this field has been referred to as Ki, Chi, Prana, Qi, Innate Intelligence, Life Force. This energy flows through meridians (the pathways that bring energy to nourish and replenish each organ) and channels (the pathways that balance the energy between the meridians). IET works with the integration channel and opens the flow of vital life force within the human body & the human energy field, by integrating suppressed feelings from cellular memory and clearing their associated energy blockages. During an IET session, energy is channeled in specific areas on the body that have been identified as areas of cellular memory. 

As we journey through life, the flow of energy can become restricted or limited. You can think of the energy pathways being like riverbeds that become choked by a beaver dam. The dam does not stop the flow, but rather, it limits the flow and creates an area of stagnation. These restrictions are referred to as energy blockages. Some causes of energy blockages are: physical trauma, surgery, disease, exhaustion, emotional crisis. suppressed feelings, stress, self-limiting thoughts, emotional trauma and karma. Energy blockages limit our experience of life and can result in lack of spontaneity & creativity, being "stuck" in life, energy depletion and even disease.

What does an IET session feel like? Most people experience a sense of deep relaxation during the session. Some people may see lights or colors or feel a sensation of energy movement or a sensation of lightness or heaviness. Some people fall asleep ("healing without feeling")or go into a delta state. It is common to feel rested, lighter and more joy-filled after a session. 

What do I "DO" during an IET session? There isn't anything for you to "do". You will lay down in a comfortable and quiet spot where you will not be interrupted. I recommend that you cover yourself with a blanket as it is normal for body temperatures to drop during energy work and periods of stillness. After we have a brief chat, we will turn our cameras off. I will play some relaxing music while I treat the 9 cellular memory areas through channeled integrated energy. Some people will talk during their session, others prefer to be quiet. Afterwards we will turn our cameras back on and check in. 

How does IET work? Energy follows intention. During a remote session, we begin with an intention setting. IET works through the violet angelic energy ray being directed to specific areas of the body where we hold emotions. As emotions are cleared and released, you will begin to experience a greater sense of balance in your life and in your relationships. 

Please note, a connection call is NOT necessary prior to this healing session.


You can purchase an IET session here:

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Please note the following applies to all I AM Safe to Shine Healing Energy Sessions & Practices:
All information disclosed in session is confidential and any session documentation will also be kept confidential
All sessions will be conducted over zoom (unless otherwise noted & agreed upon)
All sessions must be scheduled at the time of payment. Note, if you purchase a package you will only be able to book the first session; you will receive a link via email to book your remaining sessions 
Sessions may be re-scheduled if 48 hour+ notice is given; sessions without 48 hour+ notice will be forfeited

Thank you for trusting me to co-create safety in your mind & in your body with you! I am honored to be part of this chapter of your healing journey.
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Healing starts where you ARE

of what is

with what is

for what is

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