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Be Free in Your Mind & in Your Body 

Reconnect to Your Heart-Centered, Empowered, True Self


Get  to Know Me,

Sarah Marcotte

Hi Sweet Soul!

I'm so glad you found me! I'm Sarah, the founder of I AM Safe to Shine. I am truly excited that you've been called to connect with me.


I am passionate about supporting others in finding freedom & feeling safe in their own bodies and minds. And I am really energized when I see people start to see themselves the way I see them! Here's a few of my soul truths & how they impact our work together:


I am gifted at seeing the light that exists within others, especially when they cannot see it themselves.

     Together we reconnect you to your unique light and ways to really let yourself sparkle & shine your brightest.

I work from my higher self, by connecting with yours, to bring you back into alignment with your soul (that part of you that knows who you are).

      We will co-create practices for you to hear your inner voice and trust it to guide your life. 


I operate from a knowing that you have an inner guidance system that works for your highest good.

     Together we get to know yours so she can support you living a life that is one that you love.

I understand that life events & conditioned thoughts have disconnected you from your sense of self & your innate power. 

     We co-create a safe space where you will explore & witness your conditioned self so that your soul self can lead you to thriving.

What we resist, will persist


Here's a bit more about how I conceptualize healing work: I use an holistic approach, integrating body-centered, energetic and mindset frameworks. I believe the power of mind, body and soul forming an alliance for your greatest good, creates a deep level of healing. By attending to the mental, physical, emotional & spiritual aspects of self, we can create sustained change, as we are co-creating a new way of being within you. 

From my background in holistic psychotherapy I understand that both our feelings & our mind are powerful tools that we have to not only navigate our experiences, but that also create our reality. As an Empowerment Engineer I teach you how to access the power of these tools within you, so that in moments of struggle, you see the way through instead of getting stuck and weighed down by them. As an IET practitioner I know that we are surrounded by angels who are ready & eager to support us, as soon as we ask. It is my hearts desire to tune your awareness to them to access their beautiful support. As a Lightbringer coach & healer I'm honored to share Lightweb® soul-based ascension technology & spiritual tools with you to expand your consciousness and live your life in greater alignment to YOUR truth.  

Together we will tune into the frequency of your soul truths so that you can experience life as the empowered being you are...the one who sees the infinite possibilities available in any given moment.

"You need to hear the truth about yourself as frequently as possible, because your mind

is so preoccupied with false self-images." ~A Course in Miracles

When you choose to heal and commit to your own healing process, you are also gifting the world with healing. For your healing heals everyone around you. Sweet soul, you don't need to navigate this healing journey on your own. You deserve to be supported in your transformational homecoming process. I would be honored to hold space for you and guide you towards your inner light. 

I bring my multi-passionate self to support & co-create with you. My healing practices draw on my experiences as a Holistic Psychotherapist, IET Master-Instructor practitioner, Lightbringer Coach & Healer, Yoga Instructor, Certified Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Guide, Hospice Volunteer & even a nanny (you learn a lot about connection and communication working within families). I am an empath with a Pisces sun sign, Sagittarius moon and Leo rising. Prior to receiving my masters in Clinical Social Work, I achieved an undergraduate degree in exercise physiology & worked in the emergency medicine field as well as the business world in NYC. I love animals & nature and have learned a lot through my practice of presence with them. I hug trees daily. I talk to the animals, plants and beings around me. I am honored & grateful for the life experiences that have shaped me and prepared me to serve you. 

If you feel called to shine with me, check out the different ways you can🤍 


When you work with me, you will shift into a new state of being. One where you are: 


I look forward to getting to know you! Until then, sending peace, ease & miracles your way. 

Real. Loved. Worthy.

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You deserve to love life & to be loved
you ARE love


in yourself

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with yourself

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Every great journey begins with ONE single, yet BRAVE, little step 🤍


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The I AM Safe to Shine Story

The upheaval of the 2020 pandemic invoked a seismic shift in my mission as a healer, propelling me from the realm of in-person holistic psychotherapy into the sacred territory of online healing, spirituality, and the transformative 'I AM' presence. And in the stillness of the night, a divine spark of inspiration ignited, birthing the name 'I AM Safe to Shine.' I invite you to read on to hear her origin story. 


This beautiful journey began after I spent a transformative decade working as a holistic psychotherapist in private practice, specializing in the healing of trauma and anxiety in women & children. When the pandemic unfolded in 2020, I felt a deep calling to expand my reach and bring my gift for psychotherapy to more souls than I could within the confines of my private practice. At the same time, my desire to help in a more spiritual way emerged. 


As my psychotherapy practice transitioned to the digital realm, the realization dawned on me – the power to reach and inspire more people lay in creating an online business. I was observing many people staying connected & seeking support through social media during this time. 


Giving myself permission to ‘put myself out there’ professionally, I set up social media accounts for my therapy practice to begin sharing messages of love & hope to inspire healing, well-being and a sense of inner safety during these unpredictable times. I desired to open my ‘doors’ world-wide. However, the Universe had its own plan, as licensing laws presented a barrier, limiting my ability to practice therapy beyond the borders of Massachusetts.


Throughout this time, I discovered a tribe of like-hearted, spiritually attuned, entrepreneurial women. I eagerly immersed myself in extensive training, dedicated to mastering the art of ethical online spiritual business practices. I also delved into the realm of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), honing my skills to become an energy healing practitioner. 


Alongside several mentors, I explored a myriad of healing modalities, embarking on a profound journey of self-evolution. What started as my quest to help others, facilitated another layer of deeper personal healing- something that slowed my journey of serving in  a new & bigger way, but that would ultimately benefit everyone my light reaches. We have to fill our own cup first, right? Today, I stand proudly, honored to serve as a catalyst for healing while continuing to embrace and nurture my own growth.


August of 2021 marked a significant turning point for me. I was poised and ready to step into my role of serving clients, but there was one crucial piece missing – a name for my budding business. My vision was clear: I wanted a name that could personify the very essence of my mission – supporting trauma-affected women to nurture the conditions within themselves to embrace life with love, thrive authentically, and unapologetically be themselves. ‘Safe to Shine' was my initial choice, and as fate would have it, the domain was already claimed! 


I found myself going down a never-ending spiral of rabbit holes as I was seeking a new 'perfect' name. I felt the pressure of time as I prepared for my first speaking engagement as a Spiritual Teacher & Healer at the upcoming Women Lighting the Way Summit, just a few short weeks away! In my quest for clarity, I turned to my spirit team, praying for their guidance. And in the quiet of the night, a divine download descended upon me, revealing the perfect name. I added two little words, and those words made an epic difference: 'I AM.' 


As Wayne Dyer beautifully articulated, 'I AM' defines who we are, illuminates our boundless potential, and serves as an expression of our higher selves. Beyond those two words, lies the power to determine our reality. How powerful is that? It determines our reality! Whatever we place after I AM is what we are claiming to BE. Make. It. Count. 


Now, I am joyfully captivated by the resonance of the name of my business each time it escapes my lips. Every instance a client, a potential client or anyone utters it, it makes my heart smile because I know the world just got a little bit brighter. Collectively, we make a resounding declaration to the Universe:

I AM Safe to Shine. And indeed, you are. Together, let's awaken & activate your inner shine!

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PO Box 654, Bondsville MA, 01009, USA

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